Girls do you do this to you ex-boyfriends?

I was texting my ex about why we so distant cause I just got her number again Tuesday.. so we're texting then she said can you stop texting me so much that if she don't reply back then just leave it alone..? why she say that?


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  • umm...youre distant because you broke up. and she wants nothing more to do with you. the best way to get over a breakup is to get rid of everything that reminds you of that person, and that is what she wants to do. you aren't helping by texting her

    • Yea I know she probably don't I wasn't thinking but I feel true and God knows my heart not lien about when it comes to me wanting to be there and do anything I can when I can especially since I still love her,But we been broke up since Feb.i thought she would've been able to get over are break, but I can't bkuz when you love someone you can't just switch it on or off like a light switch,God is love so that's why its hard to break the soul-tie so getting rid of things make it worse love even thy enemy

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    • I would wait...then maybe send like a happy Thanksgiving text and if she answers great, if not then don't bother her again

    • Yea you right I think it wouldn't hurt I want to show love and be respectful to her but thank you

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