Maintain no contact or send this text?

So I’ve broken up with someone I really fell for. She dumped me after a fight and we got back after a day and hung/had sex but she didn’t want a relationship due to not wanting to be hurt when I move away (transferring colleges, big opportunity for my goals). I said that’s not cool and we should stop talking. She said ok and we stopped.

It’s been almost 4 weeks of not speaking and schools done in less than two and I’m going back home then I’ll move away in the fall. I’m doing my best to move on, focusing on school, working out A LOT, retraining my mind, getting stronger in everyday and I already feel new. I just can’t get out of my head why there’s no contact even when I’m about to be gone. (She did try to follow me on Instagram after I unblocked her at one point but it was messing with me and I had to remove her for my own sake)

Thinking about texting this, then doing my best to delete any place I can find her number so I never contact again.

“Hey I’m not going to bother you. If you want to, I’m open to talk. If you don’t, no need to reply. Just want to see if you wanted to talk before school’s over. Hope you’re doing fine.”

I’m gonna ask myself is this what I should do if I respect myself and make a decision. I also want advice from you guys.
Maintain no contact or send this text?
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