He made sure to let me know he likes me. WHAT?!?

I have known a guy for about 3 months. After thinking we were dating a bit, he let me know we are only friends. So friends with benefits okay then.

A week later, he was driving me home from a party, and he made sure to let me know he likes me. WHAT?!?

I said, I thought we were just friends and that I had no idea, specially since he was dating other girls, to which he said NO I'm not dating other girls, I may be hanging out but that's it. He 'is closed off and doesn't know about relationships right now."

OK, I don't want to add strings with him liking me just because I flirted with AVAILABLE guys at the party. I'm lost. Yes I like him, but there is an obvious sign that he has issues.

Have any of you been in this situation, ANYONE KNOW WTF HE IS TRYING TO DO?

I directly asked him, he said he wasn't thinking straight, which is good because I found out he doesn't want kids and I DO want kids.


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  • been there... there could be a number of things as to why, but the main thing is that if you like this guy, really like him... don't see anyone else, don't let him know if your talking to someone else and be patient... obviously he likes you... he may just be trying to see what your all about and if your worth falling in love with


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