Does showing an ex you moved on work to win them back?

And looking hotter and made up and confident...?


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  • It depends on your definition of moving on is. Is it "moving on" with someone else? Or is it "moving on" with life as whole..showing that you don't need him to carry on with your personal life. Truly it can go either way. It sorta depends on whether he is the jealous type or not. But purely I believe that staying neutral with what you show him (with hints that you somewhat miss him) is key in this sort of situation.

    1. You don't want to seam that you need him back because he may toy around with you.

    2. You don't want to act as if you've moved on to the point where he is either

    A: Too scared to come back and conscious about things.

    B:Too mad to care anymore.

    C: If he does come back do you want his decision based on jealousy? (if your strategy is to be with another person and make him jealous) .

    Hope this helped!


    • Thanks,,, moving on with life...losing weight, getting busy..... maybe jealousy but we just had a baby so it looks bad..

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  • I did this & he was all over me, but I didn't want him back.

    • Ok, please tell me more!!I really need your we have a week old baby..was there for birth we stayed together 5 days, it was perfect then again he started being insensitive and left once again...yo yoing me for months, how and what did you do_?

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    • Thanks!

    • Yw :)

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