I want my ex boyfriend back. Does he still want me?

Hey everyone. Well, it's been about a month that my boyfriend broke up with me. We had been together for almost 3 years (we're both 21) .I'll try and make this really short.

Throughout our whole break up, I haven't called him once. He calls me everyday and I answer. We talk like we used to and everything's okay. Last Thursday, I was fed up with the whole situation! He acts like we're going out when we're together, and we talk like we're together, so I confronted him about it. I asked him what was the deal with him, and he replied that he didn't want to be my boyfriend, but that he didn't want to lose me forever (that's why he wants to be my friend). Then he said all of these hurtful things like that the reason he acted like we were going out was to keep up appearances so people still thought we were going out, and the conversation just got worse. So I hung up and the next day he called and apologized, and even told me that he wanted to hang out with me. I told him no, because I was busy with other things. He keeps telling me that he doesn't want to be with anyone else, and he really hasn't shown an interest in other girls... He still tells people that we're together, and he still talks about me to his friends as if we're still going out. On facebook he hasn't taken me off as his relationship status and he still calls me everyday. I asked him why does he still tell people that we're together when we're not, and the response he gives me is that he doesn't want problems or people asking him what went wrong. It's like when we're together or when we're not, he acts affectionate towards me, but the minute he thinks about us going out he freaks out. As of Sunday, I have cut ALL communication with him. He has called me constantly, and has sent me texts to answer the phone. I really do want my ex boyfriend back because I can honestly say our relationship was fine. When we broke up, there wasn't even a fight, he just came out and said it. In your opinion, does he still want me or is he just being mean? How can I get him back? Thanks everyone!

Also, when he called to apologize, I asked him if all the mean things he has said were true, he said he didn't even know. =\


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  • wow this is really complicated becasue like you said there is no actual conflict that caused the break up! I think it might be that's he's confused by what your saying but not because he has interest in someone else. Think about things that are possibilties you could have led to the break up because if everything was fine as you say he wouldn't be so blunt about not wanting to be in a relationship. maybe he felt pressured by you in some way, or has something going on in his life that is taking up a lot of his time and or is worrying him. So he might feel he has too much on his plate to handle. but it seems like he still cares a lot about you and just needs time. I suggest you give him his space like stop talking to him until he figures out what he wants. that way he can get his thoughts in order and your not hurting yourself in the process.


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