Help! how do I get my stuff back from an ex?

I want to get my stuff back from my ex, he'll talk to me about anything else but when I mention getting my stuff back he clams up and completely ignores me. I've asked for it nicely. He lives far away from me now and when he last came down he said he'd bring it back with him but when I asked him he didn't have it. I can't go up and get it and I've asked him to send it down, but every time I mention it he clams up and avoids it, won't talk at all. How can I get it back?


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  • Go to his place when he isn't their break in and get it back and maybe take some of his stuff for fun see how her likes it...


What Girls Said 1

  • maybe he doesn't want to give your stuff back because he still has feelings for you or he thinks he will lose you if he does. ask him what the deal is.

    • I've tried I thought he wanted this, he'll talk to me if I talk to him about everyday things but when I ask him for my stuff back or what he's playing at he won't talk to me at all. I wanna get it back and move on.

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