Exgirlfriend texted me 3 days after blocking me. Was planning on doing no contact. I texted back; now what?

Hi everyone. I prefer a list over a long essay; easier to read in my mind:

-girlfriend dumped me for my drinking problem
- I had tried quitting drinking two times before. Went 42 days sober last year only to relapse.
- i stopped drinking a week before she dumped me, but in her eyes it didn't matter since I'll just become a drunk again
- I NEVER hit her or anything while drunk, I just always caused fights and was just a rude a**hole, which isn't me.
- I agree with her I have a drinking problem. In the last 6 months, I crashed my truck (drinking), lost my job (drinking), And lost her (drinking). My family and friends all agree I have a problem.
- since the breakup, we tried being friends, but the angry thoughts of the breakup proved too much for her so she ended up blocking me telling me have a nice life, I don't love you, you f*cked up, and you'll never get another chance.
- I tried begging/pleading, And that only pushed her farther away.
- since the breakup, I tried to turn to my life around, And have been doing pretty well. I attend AA, I see a therapist, I'm on meds, am sober still, I try to work out 3 days a week, And I have lost 15 pounds.
- a day after I posted my weight loss picture, She texted me (last night). She said I look depressed in some pictures my mom had posted of me from the weekend family reunion.
- I kind of ignored her statement and tried to have a normal conversation. We talked about her laptop, how work was going, what she's been up to, etc. She didn't admit it, but I feel she is depressed as well. She stated she rarely sleeps more than 5 hours anymore. Before she slept like 10+.
- before she went to bed, I asked if she had plans for tomorrow (today). She said no. I said well if she is bored, She knows where I live and we could go on a bike ride or something. She answered okay. Goodnight. I replied good night and went to bed.
- did I mess up by replying to her after she blocked me and I was going to do no contact? How should I proceed?
1 y
So some of the things she did immediately post breakup: block me, call me names, say she doesn't love me, That I won't get another chance, And even going out w/ guys she knows I don't like. Are these things done just out of anger and she now realizes?
Exgirlfriend texted me 3 days after blocking me. Was planning on doing no contact. I texted back; now what?
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