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Hey guys would appreciate some advice on this.

Basically I split with my ex as we just couldn't find the time to see each other, me with work, she had just started college and moved into a new flat. I know she liked me, she told me that herself and we were getting on great until the new college term where I just seemed to slide down her list of priorities. I understand she is starting a new chapter in her life which is why I thought it best to give her space. Now though I can't stop thinking about her!

My heart is telling me I made a big mistake whilst my head is telling me I made the right call. Which one would you follow? Should I stick with my decision? We've had NC for two weeks now and my desire for her seems to be growing by the day and I wonder whether this is genuine feelings or heartache because deep down I know this won't work out. Help!


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  • its a normal reaction you will be tempted to contact she might feel the same as well. LDR are hard to maintain...especially if their is not physical contact and you drift apart.