My ex saw me with a date tonight in the bar! He looked shocked and upset! What do I do?

So tonight me and my date went out for a drink at one of the bars i dont go in often! And boom my ex is there! The guy whos heart i broke not 3 weeeks earlier! He was sat there at the bar looking low nursing a pint of beer! He glanced round as the door slammed shut and his face dropped he looked almost teary!! Anyway he didn't say a word but i could see him staring!! I saw his eyes glazed with tears turn and order well i saw 8 shots he knocked them all back and walked out! He never used to drink!! Anyway i got a tex later from him asking if i was okay and apologizing for making it awkward for me! I feel so sad for him! He never used to drink like not at all and i watched him sink 8 shots like they were nothing!! And leave! He was great guy but he wasn't the one for me!! He was an ideal guy he treated me well he used to write notes and letters for me he listened he was any girls ideal guy!! But he wasn't right for me! But seeing him like this like he's given up breaks my heart!! I remember his face against the glass patio door as i was walking away the tears and the cries but it wasn't right i didn't love him back!! I used to back when we first started dating about 2 years ago but for the past 3 months I've fallen out of love and i left!!

What do i say? Do i do anything? Im genuinley worried about him!! He looks really unwell and i think he's becoming more and more reliant on alcohol!! Like i said he never drank when we were together he didn't like it! What am i gonna do? Also my date was horrible i guess he thought id like it if he called him a looser and tried to talk crap about him!! How can i tell him i dont wanna see him again? If i talk to him ill loose it because I've been kinda annoyed by what he said

Sorry for the long post just need advice!!!
My ex saw me with a date tonight in the bar! He looked shocked and upset! What do I do?
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