Why is my ex girlfriend saying she broke up with her boyfriend when she hasn't?

We were together for 3 years and broke up 5 months ago. She got a new Boyfriend right away and moved in together. I stopped talking to her. About a month ago she began to text or email me. Some time has gone by so I don't ind talking to her now. Well this week it was all about our relationship and what went wrong. Then it was about our sex life and how amazing it. She even said she dreams about sucking my d_ck. Her big thing is that her and her man broke up and he's moving out because he's verbally abusive and has a terrible temper. She said she is done with him. Then she said it sucks because she'll never find anyone like me again. Here's the thing yesterday she put the 2 of them back on her facebook profile pic and still says their broke up. I know she thinks I have a Girlfriend and am denying it-but I don't-So why is she saying she's single when she doesn't at all appear to be?


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  • Because she's Probsbly trying to have her cake and pie at the same time or she wants to use you.


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