Why did this girl look me up on facebook and contact me? PLEASE READ?

Yesterday morning I woke up and I get a message on my phone saying "Do I know you?" I did not know this person at all come to find out its my ex's "new gf" she says they been talking for 5 months and that they

aren't together physically then proceeded to say she lives with him at his moms house the things she was saying didn't make sense at all she

also told me that he is on drugs and she is on drugs then she said no he isn't on drugs but he has a drinking problem then she made a comment about the way

I look then she tells me that he said I'm a slut and basically just telling me these awful things he has said to her about me we have been broken

up for awhile I have had no contact with him because I have his number blocked on my phone. I kept asking her how did she find me on fb and

how do you know so much about me then I told her I don't know anything about you and that he has never mentioned you (I recently did see my ex in January and will be moving back to our town in a week.)

She then sent me a screenshot of messages and she text him and said I don't trust you its over then he proceeds to tell her "You let her get in your head" "She's crazy and obsessed with me" which is so not true I'm disappointed that this happened to me and I wasn't being mean to her at all just wanted to know how she found me on fb

and why she is sending me a message she then tells me that he lies to her a lot and that his mom spoke to her about me and said to her that I was nice. What is going on here? I have not spoke to him at all and all of a sudden this happens to me. I'm really confused
Why did this girl look me up on facebook and contact me? PLEASE READ?
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