He clearly doesn't care anymore, how to move forward from here?

We’d been talking for months. All day, every day. He said he would be honoured to date me, we started planning dates. Having long phone calls that lasted for hours. I even talked to his house mates over the phone. I really started to get excited about this guy. He was such a gentleman.

One day he just changed. Not starting the conversation first, not calling, not carrying conversation on or asking questions, sometimes leaving me on read. He replies if I message him, but never initiates.

After a MONTH of not talking because I didn’t initiate it, I messaged him 2 days ago and told him that I miss talking to him. He replied with “I do miss our talks xx” so I sent a reply asking “what happened? We used to talk so much” and he’s left me on read ever since. I don’t care if he’s lost interest or met someone else, I just wanted to know what happened and apparently he can’t even tell me that.

Judging by the signs, I can see it’s time to move on from this guy. I've been considering deleting his number. We communicate through Whatsapp and my privacy settings are set so that only numbers stored in my phone can see my display picture. Deleting his number would mean he'll know I have deleted him. I don't know what to do
He clearly doesn't care anymore, how to move forward from here?
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