Guys: How to tell if a guy is cheating on his girl?

Idk if my boyfriend is cheating or not but last night I asked him why he loves me and he gave me 4 reasons...1)U make me happy, 2) Make me feel special, 3) I wanna have a family with u, and 4) I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. That all sounds so good to me but I feel like he doesn't mean but I'm not sure. I have a lot of trust issues with him. We have a baby boy almost 3 months old. I don't know how to tell if my boyfriend is cheating or not. Any tips or helpful signs on what to look 4 would be greatly appreciated.

do you believe his 4 answers he gave me based on what I've said? Would a guy whos cheating care if his girlfriend was messing around with another guy?


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  • Easy.

    Grab his cell phone and check his outgoing calls and texts. If there are some female names listed as outgoing calls, ask him about it. If there are flirty texts either to or from other girls, you need to talk with him.

    Grab his phone another time in the future, and if you notice his call history or text history is blank, you have MAJOR reason for concern.

    • Ok I erased his call history when he had a cell and I also erased her number from his phone. He told me she already has a boyfriend and the girl lives in my apartment building 2 floors above me. He met her boyfriend. He also told me he was calling her to ask for smokes.

  • 1. what makes you think he's cheating?

    2. why do you have trust issues with him?

    • I think he's cheating because he acts differently towards me sometimes and I found pics of a girl who lives in my bulding on his cell they werent nudes or anything but still and in his call history he called her more than he called me. I have trust issues with him because I've been cheated on b4

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