Would you not date someone because you're too close to them and wouldn't wanna risk a friendship?

Self explanatory. My best friend says he loves me but doesn't ever wanna date me because he's afraid if something bad ever happened or if we broke up, that we'd never be close again. I feel this is a stupid reason. Have you ever not dated someone because your so close to them you don't want to ruin a friendship with them if you were to break up?


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  • yes. at my school we have these dancing classes and my dancing partner wanted to start a relationship with me and I didn'T want to because I really wanted to dance with her and not lose her because she is a great dancer.

    but in the end. after the prom and acouple of weeks plus I asked her out and now we have been dating for 7 months. but during the 6 months of dancing I said strictly no.

    so he really wants to be freinds with you, and not lose you as a friend. loving someone is always great so he won't be unhappy while not having you but being friends with you etc.

  • No because I don't think it would ruin our friendship.

    • I don't either. But he thinks it would. Yesterday he said that he liked me and loved me and wanted to be with me, and today he said he doesn't wanna be with me and just be really good friends. Ughh. I hate it. I honestly don't get him.

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