Have you ever up and left your SO without telling them you were leaving?

I'm 23. He's 26. We've been together for four years. We're both college graduates. He's an accountant, I'm an RN. We had talked about getting married and having kids in the past. But recently when I would bring it up, and say that I was ready, he now says that he's not sure.

Which is kinda annoying. Like why not tell me that you didn't know before I spent four years of my life with someone who's not sure.

Anyway, over the past several months, his original "I'm not sure" turned into "no". I asked if he wanted out of the relationship then and he also said no. But I'm not down to give up the things I want. even if it means starting over with someone else.

I told him all this and we got in a huge argument. This happened three weeks ago. For the past three weeks now he just ignores me. If I say something to him, he ignores me. It was my birthday three days ago and he still didn't say anything to me. He's been sleeping on the couch (we live together). I told him that we have to talk because ignoring each other isn't helping anyone and still kept ignoring me. REFUSES to talk to me. Every time I start talking, he starts walking away. And so, this morning on my day off, while he was at work. I packed up all my stuff and left. I didn't tell him I was leaving him. I'm staying with a friend for a bit until I find my own apartment.

I feel kind of awful but how was I supposed to talk to him if he walked away every time I tried? Could I had done anything different?
Have you ever up and left your SO without telling them you were leaving?
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