Am I moving too fast? What should I do next?

Last week I started to like this guy. I started talking to him and we had good conversations the first two days. The third day we didn't talk because the teacher was talking the whole time. So I got out a sheet of paper and I asked him if he wanted to play Tic-Tac-Toe. lol it's weird but I didn't want to be completely silent. Then he wasn't there on Thursday and on Friday I felt awkward because his friends were there. I want to date him but I don't know if I am moving to fast? What should I do next?


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  • just keep doing what you're doing and see if he starts responding, maybe you should be a little more revealing of your feelings. From what I've heard, this is nothing more than conversations between two students so far. I've had friends who were girls and if we were bored we'd just play a game like tic tac toe or mash. All I ever saw them was as friends. you should start smiling with him more laughing with him. try to show little signs that you like him.


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  • I would say made go on a date or hang out maybe get to know each other a little bit then if you still like him then you should ask him out I mean you need to get to know the guy before you date them ha.


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