I had the right to be mad at her?

So this girl i have been seeing for awhile was always shitting on me about sex, or anything sexual when i never brought it up or even tried yet or mentioned the most we've done is kiss out of respect to her. Well eventually she offered to give me a back massage, when i told her my back was killing me when i sleep so i watch massage videos on youtube. So day's later i asked her if i could have one and jokingly said i think i earned one. So she goes off on me and say's " HA! You've earned it? I find it hilariously funny you fucking think you earned anything" all i said was woah lol well tell me how i earn it and then she goes off saying that " You should stop doing stuff, just to expect things" i felt alittle disrespected by that because when we go out, it has always been about trying to get to know her. I never once expected anything more out of that.

I told her how i felt about that and if i expected anything i would have just said i wanted sex, this is something you offered to me. Then she tells me how "Im just joking, Fuck if you're gonna get mad im not down for that" so i just let her know again how i felt and how it wasn't much of a joke because she is always saying im probably a player and just assumes im a cheater and even call's me weird and tell's me i come off as different. I also let her know im not those other guys she messed with before or her doormat she can walk all over & im sorry she doesn't know or can handle when a nice genuine guy likes her. All she said was "if that's how you feel" and said night and we haven't spoken for the last three day's i think im gonna just throw in the towel?
I had the right to be mad at her?
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