So guy issues help me out please?

Feel I got used. I'l spear the details and get to my questions. I have protective parents. My dad knew I was sneaking my boyfriend in so he could stay with me. My dad asked my mom if he could. First she said yes, told my boyfriend he was so happy. She changed her mind and he was so upset. After that he started acting weird. Week later broke up with me. First question, is it that big of a deal to split over? Why? Okay so he gave me a bs story ( I think) I've talked to him since. Well i have a concrete tarp a guy left and won't come get. So I plan to give it to him, and he don' know it. I texted him asked if he was busy and if so tell me when he has some time. He said he was still at work and told he would let me know when he had some free time. So I'm thinking if he don't ext me by Sunday morning that tells me he used me. Am I right?
1 y
He texted me the next day. Apologized for the late reply. Asked if I was okay, told me i could call. He decided to call to tell me he got place, he's not doing drugs ( reason he broke up me) ans he finds out if the kid this girl is pregnant with is his. He said the girl is a bitch so he doubts they could work it out for the kid. Told me he wanted the tarp and he'd get it today. Well he never showed so my dad's pretty mad and giving it to someone else.
So guy issues help me out please?
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