How can I wake him up?

Hey everyone.

So my ex boyfriend is in love with a meth addict. He only spent two good months with her before she started acting distant. She stopped seeing him as often (only every few weekends), she stopped texting him, she stopped calling him. Then she admitted to him she was using again, and he saw even less of her. He didn't see her for over a month and hardly heard from her. Then she dumped him, then they made up... and he hasn't heard from her again in over two weeks now.

He tries to text/call her number and a guy responds and claims that she sold her phone to him. But, the phone still has her signature on texts and her voicemail when he calls. I keep telling him that she doesn’t care and hasn’t for a long time, but nothing I say will break through to him. He insists she is THE one, even though he only has known her for 5 months and only shared 2 good months with her.

To add to all of this, she has been living with her “ex boyfriend” since the beginning. Her “ex” hates him and acts like a jealous boyfriend… and she had the opportunity to move in with him but claimed she didn’t want to because she thought it would ruin things. The messed up thing is, she has pets and is living with this guy and I hear the guy is abusive to her pets and verbally abusive to her. So why would she choose that over a safe place… unless something more is going on.

What I want to know is - does anyone else think she is/was playing him and obviously wants no further contact with him if she won’t even let him know a new contact number? And, does anyone have any advice on what I can tell him to wake him up?

Thank you!


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  • Its his life he can work it out himself eventually or he wants to be a doormat because he enjoys it. You can advise him but he makes the decisons ...


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  • |Stay away from all this lady. Don't you have anything else in life to do for yourself? She is usuing him and she likes drama. She is addctied to Meth and your |Ex. is addicted to all her drama. She will come back to him again when she will need him.

    You better look after yourself. You are definately hoping him to come back to you but that's not ganna bring anything good to your life I can tell you.

  • What the hell do you care?

    • I've remained friends with him, he is actually one of my best friends. This is why I care. I don't want to see him get hurt any further.

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