Was I wrong for breaking up with him like this?

So my boyfriend ( well ex now) has been really distant lately. He only responses to me if he wants to. I just had surgery I wasn’t going to tell him because of how he’s been acting. But he replied to my text fast when I informed him. I’ve been giving him space because he always ignores my text and blames it on working and being tired. So I text him to see what’s going on since he hasn’t even checked up on me. He never replied so I basically lied and texted him I met someone else and it’s over. No ones in my life I’m just so over him treating me bad. Was I wrong? Oh and he never replied so can we say it’s over?
1 y
We worked things out! I ended up giving myself a few days to cool off. I told him the truth. He said I was trippen plus He invited me over. He admitted to not prioritize our relationship. He’s thankful that I sent him the message about “meeting someone “ because it open up the conversation to our real issues. He said he likes when I call him out on his stuff. Because I was right about us needing more time together. He was also happy I came over because he missed me. Everything worked out!
Was I wrong for breaking up with him like this?
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