Ex thinks I am cheating will he ever talk to me again?

i was suspicious of my ex cheating so i went to do a STD test and it turned out i am positive with chlamydia, i was furious and i callled and insulted him. He tried to calm me down. Later, he went to do the test as well, but his test turned out to be negative. something must have run wrong. Since, my ex is my first boyfriend , if i have it i can only get it from him. He get really mad and now he jumped into the conclusion that i was cheating on him and just making such a drama to cover my cheating. He asked me to explain, I was still really mad at him and quite numbed at the result so i just laughed out loud and ignored him.
Then i started to miss him and i don't want him to misunderstand me so i texted him a week later trying to explain, but he won't listen nor does he reply any of my message. It has been 2 weeks. what can i do? i feel bad.
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hey thansk for the reply. i message him a week later after the fight and try to explain. he didn't reply, then i message like 2 or 3 days later, still no reply.
then like 5 days later, i message him saying i miss him and i wouldn't do such a thing, still nothing.
Do you guys think i should wait like a month and message him again. Just to let him calm down? i think he is too mad to listen.
Ex thinks I am cheating will he ever talk to me again?
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