If he HATES me then why does he find ways to contact me?

LONG STORY SHORT me and my boyfriend just broke up. we have been having so many problems that toward the end of the relationship and because of that he act like he hates me. I never cheated, I never got angry, I gave him space, I've tried everything. Even so he acts like I am the WORST person in the world and is very hostile with me. The last two weeks of the relationship he would say that for him its over, the only reason he was continuing to be my boyfriend is because am forcing him to be with me and that if I just gave him the OK he would break up and never look back, he say the ONLY REASON he stays is for my sake, so I'm not sad and because I want it. It just does not add up... Him staying with someone he truly HATED the gesture of him staying together or their sake would never happen. There has got to be a deeper reason that that.. He comes over on his own, he emails me still on his own, if I was forcing him to be with me he would just sit back and make me do all the work making time for us to spend together. To stay with someone like that, even if you have tons of bad feelings toward them, shows that part of him wanted it to. No one can force you to do anything you don’t want to do.

so this leads to my questions: if he really really really then why should he inconvenience himself to stay with me at all those last two weeks at all. If I freaking HATE someone... thers no no no way I would stay with them to just to spare their feelings . There is no way I would inconvenience myself and live with the anger and disgust for two weeks just for them. And my ex is NOT SHY about hurting my feelings at all either so why start now, why the sudden change of heart?, it just does not add up, staying with someone he "hates" would be impossible for him. This to me shows something else is going on, there’s more to the reason he stay with me. Could it be that deep down he wants to be together.? Is it a front he's putting up so he can still be with me but still look macho and have control?

Also, he messaged me today, first time he's made contact since Thursday, to tell me I still have things at his place and I need to get them because they are taking up his space…. The things I have to get… One pair of jeans…. That seemed odd to me. If I am the horrible psycho bitch he claims I am then just throw my stuff away. I didn’t even make an effort to tell him to get his things from my place because I didn’t care. Also he still has his relationship status on fb as in a relationship and pix of me and him. He knows how to get rid of that stuff, he's done it before when he was mad, why isn’t he doing it now?

All of these things are giving me hope, but I don’t know if these thing really mean what I think. What do you Guys think? How do I get him back with out making contact with him?


i just checked and he took down the "in a relationship" on FB, but he left the pic of him and I


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  • No , he is definately not over you. He is saving his pride and contacting you with dferent excuses thinking that you will break down and ask him to take you back.

    Nobody in his or her right mind, break up with somone just for nothing. There are always internal or external reasons. You can't do much on external things (like another woman came in his life or a return of ex.). But for internal reasons, look at those things which he wanted from you but you were not able to give. Relationship are all about give and take.

    Think about the starting days. were there things you guys use to to do but you are not interested to do it with him anymore?. Think of yourside of mistake or ignorance. then work on it and then if you want him back you may try it again.

    • Well #1, after I posted this I saw he did take the "ina relationship" status off FB. #2 I broke down and e-mailed him because I knew he was on. He answered asking if I was OK I said yes but that I missed him and didn't want this break up. He said:i know jill but the time will cure that. I'm sorry I learn something today when I was thinking alone in my room " is really difficult to move on without hurt your self and somebody " that's the only way. sorry. just tell me what should I do with your things

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  • Hes not over you, wants to get back maybe...

    • I tried to keep talking to him after that, I asked him to get on messenger and talk to me for a few mins. he ignored all of them, but I know he read them forsure.....

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  • he sounds like such a handful, do you relaly want to be with him anyways? he definitely needs to mature up.

    about the jeans...i think its normal to give it back even if its one pair...i would certainly want it back!


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