Why can't I get over my ex boyfriend when he treated me so badly?

I was with my ex for only 5 months but I felt accepted for the first time. He was great at first but then all he wanted was sex. I always gave in because I didn't want to lose him but he eventually dumped me. He now has a new girlfriend and it kills me to think about him and her together. Its affecting my college work and making me feel so depressed and useless. I don't know what to do and my friends won't even talk to me about it anymore as they are fed up of hearing about him. I need to get over him so I don't lose my friends to. Please help.


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  • story of my life. hey I know its hard and you go ahead and take however much time you need to get over him, but just know that you will get through it alright? if you're like me and bottling up your feelings is all you've ever known then go ahead and do that. but if you feel like you need to talk and your friends don't want to listen, don't be ashamed about seeking professional help. these people are paid to listen to you and that's all they'll do. I can't offer you the best of advice or else I would be in a sunshine state myself but I'm not. I'm trying though. hope you'll do the same.

    • Aww thanks.. That's so sweet. My friends won't listen because they think the more I talk about him the more it will hurt me but it actually helps.. They don't get it. None of them liked him anyway and they are glad he's gone but I can't help missing him. I'm taking my time but its not fair how he can move on so fast and I cant.. After everything he did he's the one that gets to be happy while I'm sat here so sad all the time. It totally sucks :( Hope you're Ok. :)

    • I totally get that. life isn't fair at all huh? don't worry I'm pretty sure your time will come to be happy too. and with the right guy. good luck!

    • Im sure that would happen if could trust guys.. Just seems like every guy wants break my heart into little pieces.. Don't think I can go through that again! Good luck too..

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  • ok, you need to seriously look at the problem this way: he sucks, he doesn't love you, you don't need such a loser, you need to next time find someone better who doesn't just want sex, you learned from your lesson, you're a better more wiser woman now, and you can find someone new.

    don't try over it too long. Then focus on yourself to be happy.

    • Thanks so much. Its been so difficult as specially as all of his mates mak it hard for me.. they are always talking about his new girlfriend as they know I haven't found anyone new. Just been difficult! Thanks for the advice.

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