Why did my ex contact me?

After 8 months of no contact, last week, my ex tried to call me, but I missed the call, later on that day, he texted me and asked me if I’m OK. I texted him back and said I’m OK and also asked him how he’s doing, he texted back and said he’s not OK. Then I texted him back and said that I’m sorry, hope he can forgive me for putting him through the pain. Then I have not heard from him.

I thought that he has already forgotten about me and has moved on. I was really surprised and happy that he contacted me, but what I don’t understand is how come he didn’t respond when I said “hope he can forgive him” ? Why did not contact me the first place ?


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  • Men are so much different from women...women can get over easily but men wont. If a man truly loves a girl, he will get back to her no matter what. Players wnt text you or call you back if your or he is finished with each other...but he really thinks abt you all the time. According to my prediction you must have ended a good relationship and till now he has not moved on but instead thinks about you all the time. He dsnt want to hurt your feelings...so he must have kept away for the past 8months...but now he wants something to be done...may be fixing a relationship (90% chance) or ending it once and for all (10% chance)...i suggest you to talk to him in person and get to know his situation and also think abt your situation...write back here...and lets see what happens!...Have a Nice Day.


    (send me a frnd request if you can).

    • Thanks for the reply. I think the reason he texted me & asked me if I'm OK after 8 months of no contact, he probably learnt from our mutual friend that I was having some family problem. Does it mean that he still think of me and still care about me ? But he didn't reply to me when I asked him that if he would forgive me, does it mean that he didn't know what to say or he just didn't want to start it with me again ?

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    • I don't have the courage to call him because I tried calling him couple of time, he didn't answer my calls, I felt very disappointed & sad. Just like he didn't reply to my text message yesterday, I felt awful. I keep analyzing what's wrong, maybe I should not have texted him. When I texted him yesterday, I was so confident that he will reply because we've been texting back & froth last few days. But why all of sudden he just ignore me, I don't understand what's in his mind. Is he playing games ?

    • Simple you played with him and now he plays with you!...no other go he will nvr text you bak or attend your calls...only if you talk with him directly this will resolve...now its upto to you!...do what you feel is right...:)

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  • it was closure for him..a part of him missed you and the other half wanted to let you know he's still hurt. he's still not over what you did 2 him. Men are just like us..when we hurt...it takes time to heal.


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