How can I get my ex back?

Hi! I need some help!

It's a very long and complicated story, but I'll make it as short as possible. I broke up with my careless boyfriend in July, but I'm crying about him every night, even now, four months later! I've been trying to meet some other guys, but they are just nothing compared to my ex. I can't get over him. There is nothing I want more than having him back. Until now he has contacted me about 1 time per month because he miss having sex so bad. I've met him two times just because of that since our breakup. I can't do it anymore! I'm so filled with emotions for this guy that it does not work for me. Now it's 1 month since last time I heard from him, but it's hard since we go to the same school.. I don't know what's on his mind, if he's interested in me, and how I can turn this. We really had it once. I'm not sure if talking and crying to him will make it any better, he is just so ..male.

How do I contact him or should I contact him at all? And is there a chance I could have him back?



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  • Approach him with it maybe he feels the same


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