When will he ask me out?!

so , I really really really like this guy . and he likes me . we have talked about our relationship but he doesn't seem like he's every going to ask me out .. he has said I'm beautiful, kind, hot, and caring, so what's wrong with me?!

some of my friends have asked him when he's going to ask me out and he answers idk. its making me mad cause I like him a lot. and when will he get the clue to ask me out?

he said he's been in tough relationships ..and I understand .. but he's only had two! if anything I should be the one holding back . I just got out of a hard relationship like 5 months ago, and even though it still hurts and I think about it a lot I'm trying to move on! and he can't .. I just don't understand what's taking him so long.. help?


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What Guys Said 1

  • hes probably waiting for you to ask him out

    • Thats kinda what I thought .. but I don't want to because I would rather not wear the pants in the relationship if you know what I'm saying ..

    • Ya but not all guys will ask the girl first especially if he's shy and sensitive ..... I prefur the girl to ask me out ... it doesn't mean you wear the pants in the relationship etc ..... its just who makes the move first. remember there are no rules on what sex has to ask first also maybe he's trying to figure out if your just in a one time crush phase so he doesn't want to be dumped again

What Girls Said 1

  • Stop focusing on him and focus on yourself. Don't pay attention to him just move on. Maybe he feels pressured and guy's don't like that. I know this is not what you want to hear but let things happen naturally and be careful of what you say to your friends and his.


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