Does this sound ok? Opinions please?

First I’ll give you a little background on my situation..

I’ve been dating this guy about 6 months.. we are in a “long distance” relationship. This is my first time trying out “long distance”. Everything was going fine the first few months but lately the texting has become short and vague & we rarely even talk on the phone (maybe 3 or 4 times since we’ve been dating). He’ll text me a little bit through the week & on the weekend he’ll usually just go ghost on me. I’ve only got to meet up with him in person a total of 5 times since we’ve been together. Let me mention the reason I’ve been putting “long distance” in quotations is because it’s not that great of a distance, maybe a little over an hour.

Not to mention he doesn’t have a car so I’d go get him and bring him back to my house then turn around and take him back the next day. I’d never mind doing that or complained because I really like & care about him but I don’t feel like he’s showing effort anymore & this relationship is not going anywhere.

So long story short I’m planning on breaking it off with him today & just wanted an opinion on how this message sounds.. (& before anyone criticizes me for breaking up through text, like I mentioned before that’s the only way we communicate anyway so I see no problem with it and my mind is made up)

Here’s the message:

“I hope you don’t get mad at me or take this the wrong way but I think we should take a break and be good friends. I like you a lot & really care about you.. it’s just the little distance between us makes it hard to see you & spend time with you like I want to. I definitely want to remain friends though and still plan on being there for you. Nothing has to change between us.”

What do y’all think?
Does this sound ok? Opinions please?
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