I like this boy, do you think he likes me back..even a little?

okay so in art class,he would take his metal ruler and make it go "booingg"and then give me googly eyes,and he would talk to me,when I'm at my locker in the halls he's by his friends and just stands there and looks at me...one night I was at school waiting for mom around 5:30,and his football practice was going on...my mom was like 2 hours late..and that's when his football thing ended,and my friend needed to pee,so we went inside the school,and when we came out the back doors,the guy I likes best friends was there and said hey..whats up..then his who football team started chanting He loves me,he loves me...but there two guys with him name...that but the other guy with his name is rude..and I doubt he likes me...but the one I think that might like me always stares at me and last year in wood shop,i used to hide his stuff and we play around and before I was never shy but now I like him a lot, help what do I do?


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  • Yes but you should really make the move,


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