Is she playing a game with my heart?

My ex of 15 months broke up with me gave me the canned feel good reasons. we do a month of no contact I come back send a sorry note she reads it calls me at work with bad timing so I get off quick I text today she says she is only going to text today just being hostile. I interpret today is last day I talk which was wrong so I send a 9 page text saying sorry for a lot of things that had been bugging me, hope we can be friends and salvage that, would like to date you again, I will always love you, want you to be happy, I have changed hope you see it and off the deep end to her probably. Her friend Jen says I went extreme and I know she is telling her to stay with this guy who is air force she joined the army while I was gone. is this a damn game or is it really time to say good bye and move on permanently?I love her and will fight but I keep messing up and I am scared that this may have killed my slim chance permanently


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  • If you try you will know and won't have to wonder...if it works out great if not move on...


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