Is my exgirlfriend letting slip that she wants to get back together?

So some background: my girlfriend dumped me about 3 weeks ago for couple reasons. I'm clingy, obsessive, and have a drinking problem that caused me to become rude and argumentative to her, family, And any innocent bystander practically. Since the breakup, I have been sober and have attended AA weekly. Immediately post breakup, I screwed up and begged for a second chance. She ended up blocking me. After a few days, she unblocked me on text and snapchat. We have been talking and hanging out. At first, if I tried flirting she would get upset saying I'm crossing the line. But lately things have been sliding. She has crashed at my place multiple times. We either have sex or we cuddle all night. In the mornings when I leave for work I get a kiss. Yesterday, we went shopping at the mall and she let me hold her hand while we walked (I instigated). One concern I guess is she has kept me a secret from friends and family. She says they aren't huge fans of me due to how I handled the breakup and being a drunk, so I guess I understand that. Last night after shopping, we were playing Xbox and she casually threw out "you're my boo." I mean that's not really something you throw out, right? I want her back, And don't want to ruin it by rushing. Is she dropping hints she does want to get back together? Or am I just overlooking pointless things?
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Is my exgirlfriend letting slip that she wants to get back together?
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