Need an honest opinion and advice on breakup with Ex Girlfriend?

My ex and I dated for 8 months, and were considered a thing for almost two years without seeing or talking to anyone else. This girl, and I need you guys to take my word for it😂, was head over heels for me. We had a really caring relationship, we connected on a deep level, only fought about very minor petty issues, and had a good relationship with each other’s family and friends.
The last month before we split, we only saw each other twice, which is a drastic difference from usually seeing each other very often. The first time we saw each other that month was amazing and we both were just in pure bliss with each other. She went away for a family friends funeral and I couldn’t talk to her much because I was busy w/ schoolwork. I didn’t see her for a few more weeks but we talked 24/7, yet I felt like I was losing my connection with her and for some reason, unknown to me I felt like breaking up with her. We saw each other once more with a group of friends, and one night we “amicably”, more so her than I, split. Ever since we broke up I’ve had this feeling that we made a mistake, and we were both at really just busy, anxious points in our lives where we could not see each other often and couldn’t spend time giving one another the affection they deserved. I truly have that gut feeling because I know how we connected and I need you guys to trust me on that one. Problem is, when we broke up we were both really nice to each other at first but I kinda of played it out like I didn’t care about her at all and I wanted to see other girls. We’re both very stubborn people who had a hard time admitting our very real feelings Before we first started dating. I could tell she was hurt by this however. Mean twitter updates and finsta updates on me galore. She told my friend she missed me, texted me after I saw her out once. And just recently, six months later continues to talk about me on the finsta I don’t follow.

Not many characters left but I just want advice
Need an honest opinion and advice on breakup with Ex Girlfriend?
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