Why hasn't he asked me out, lengthy but I'd appreciate the help!

so last year I started talking to this guy from my school last year, and we would always hang out, and he'd invite me to parties and his house. his parents knew me, and he'd always say hi to my parents and was eager to meet them. we'd have English class together and always like hug and talk before and class with both our friends. and every time we'd argue (because I was a little jealous and possessive over him even though we only talked for so little) he'd call me up or text me and we'd fix it right up. I don't know why, but I fell so hard for this boy from the start. because we had such a strong connection and even he said it. we would stop talking because I'd tell him I don't want him anymore because I always suspected something that was probably never there. we never even did anything sexual besides kiss. it was a true true type of feelings that I had for him, and I think he had for me. anyways, so we were on and off, and we would always hang out, I was his "girl" but he never asked the question and I know he knew we weren't official because he was like "you shouldn't get jealous because we don't go out" one time when we were arguing. anyways, we got back in the summer, we chilled, it was awkward because its been a while, than he went away for vacation, than he finally texted me and I was like why'd you never text me this whole summer? he's like I was away, I barely had my cellphone, but there was never a day I didn't think about you, we went back together. and I slept over, and we were finally about to have sex, but I have a really weird condition where my hymen is unusually thick so losing my virginity is hard for me, plus I felt anxiety because I care so much about him and how id actually look. but I will get surgery on this soon. anyways, he thought I didn't want him because I kept looking all over the room, anywhere but him and avoid kissing more and getting into it, so he took it another way. I will never admit I'm a virgin with a rare type of problem to anyone. its so embarrassing to me. so I decided to keep it to myself and let him think that. we didn't talk for another week. than I saw him at a party, and I was talking to one of his friends, and he approaches me and points at me, than him and gives us a sarcastic "thumbs up" like he was jealous. so I go to him and go "its not what you think, can we talk?" so we go to the living room to talk, and I'm like "do you even miss me?" and he says he does. and we start talking about everything. and than we try to have sex again :/ no goooo. so whatever, he's mad at him because we were naked and we didn't do anything, sort of making it seem like I teased him. we don't talk again. I text him "sorry please don't be mad" and he doesn't answer. and than a few days later I post a status "heartbroken, **** love and I put so much time and effort for a year and I didn't get **** in return" he comments on it, saying "wow remember when you p*ssed me off?" and he even said I smelled like fish? I'm like WOW your immature! -_.

and he goes "so what's going on now" I'm like "forget it..." and we argue and argue he's saying how I don't put effort and how he's trying and I'm not, an hour later I'm like "just admit you don't care about us or me and I will finally let you go
and never bother you again" and he goes "i don't care" and I'm like "ok thanks I will move on" I was so heartbroken, and I was so mad that I decided to date someone else

a month later he's at a party and he told my friend to call me on speaker and tell me to come to the party he's at. and I'm like "yeah sure can I bring my boyfriend?" and when they hung up the phone, he just froze and was like what did she say? he was
real upset he started talking about how he really liked me and still does and that he didn't know I had a boyfriend and that he's mad and even talked to my ex best friend about everything. she told him that I thought he was playing games with me and he
goes "because I still care about you" and I'm like "well you told me to move on" and he goes "i don't know why I said that I never should have said that" I'm like "well its time for me to find someone who cares" and I left it at that. a week later, I
broke up with him because I feel like I didn't have true feelings for him, and also he's in a gang! hahaha oh boy. too much drama. I didn't want to risk my life.
especially that the rival gang was threating me on formspring. but that's another story. so of course he asked me to hang out, we hang out everythings fine,and the next day, we hang out at his house, we mess around,

i tell him I have my period so we don't have sex, and than he told me he'd text me the next day, he doesn't so I text him saying "hey we still hanging or not?" and he goes "not tonight I'm going out of town"and I still haven't heard from him, I'm seeing
im seeing him tomorow 2nd period in school. but I want your opinion on this whole thing

OH.. also, yesterday my friend told me he went up to the guy I like and see wahts up with you and (my name)? and he goes . I don't even wanna talk about her lets just change the subject. and my friend goes I'm not trying to annoy you but I think you


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  • i think you should breakup...you're dating an obvious bad boy and he's obviously in it for the sex...who knows where the relationship goes after that

  • Sounts like he is confused and frustrated. He wants sex, not a relationship, if he doesn't get it he will move on not really interested in a relatioship.


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