How long do you take to get over a breakup if they were your soulmate?

So I grew up with this guy. He was my next door neighbor. We were best friends growing up. We dated other people in high school. I had a two year relationship before I dated him. We didn't start dating until we were almost 21. And everything seemed to click for me.

He supported my goals, and I supported him. He always kept surprising me, he was so unpredictable. And the love I had for him completely consumed me. Like, he filled this part of me that I never even knew was empty.

He was in a car accident three months ago. He didn't make it. We were together for almost 3 years. Best friends for 20 years. And for the first month I felt like I was drowning, like I couldn't breathe. I got prescribed meds for anxiety and depression and even tho I don't feel like drowning anymore, I don't feel anything nor do I want to. I feel his absence more than anything. I think of him when I find random shirts that belonged to him in my apartment, when I pass by his favorite restaurant, when I see something that he would've thought was funny. I see him EVERYWHERE I look and I don't think I'll ever feel this way about anyone else.

I can't handle it. Is my heart salvageable? Has anyone ever lost the person they were meant to be with? How'd you get over it?
How long do you take to get over a breakup if they were your soulmate?
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