Why did my ex answer when I called? I need to understand this!

So I ended up calling my ex boyfriend 2 weeks after I sent him an angry text (out of hurt and confusion). He had not been keeping in contact with me, I was the initiator. He answered, something I was not expecting. I kept it short and told him I needed to bury any negative energy between us, because I personally don't need to carry it with me in my life. That I just wanted him to be happy, and texting him this whole time was something I never wanted. He was totally teasing me, like how he was when we were together. Like mocking me and acting silly. He made me laugh a couple of times, but I told him I was serious. He said, "I know". We chatted for about 5 min. My heard my friend in the background say "Who is it"? And his roommate said," Is it (name)"? That kind of threw me. My friend told me earlier she asked him if it was me. I told her, "He so did not have to answer", and she said, "Awwww he loves you". Wow. I really don't know if my ex was just being polite, or really does miss me. I'm trying not to analyze. I did this mainly for me. I'm trying to let go and not have any burned bridges with him, but it's hard when I'm getting mixed signals from him whenever I contact him. Sometimes he would ignore me for weeks, other times he would do exactly what he did this time. I do love him and I feel like we still don't have closure. Just really trying to understand why he would answer my call, especially after that text. Could he still have feelings for me? I would love your opinions on this. And please be respectful of my feelings. Thanks!


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  • Some of the story at the bottom is a bit confusing grammatically, maybe if you can read it over and fix it?

    • Can you please highlight and post which part? lol. Thanks =)

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