Ex-girlfriend problem?

OK here's the story. Me and this guy we'll call him "C" are doing real well together. Awesome relationship, etc. We trust each other, cause I know he could break my heart; but wouldn't. He has this ex-girlfriend named let's call her "B". B and C broke up over insecurities over falsely accusing the other of cheating, etc. Well I randomly saw this happen so weird. Walking in the hallway B thrust herself onto him, and actually kissed C, my boyfriend. C or B didn't see me, it's like I waited until I saw what was really going on. I was hurt at first, not really mad, I liked C but I learned and knew about how it was hard enough to trust a guy with your heart. Well then C did something so different than what I thought most guys would do. C like threw her off of him, and stormed out. We later talked me and C. He said before he met me he still did have feelings for B, but she only thought at the time they were just friends. He says though he really cares about me, and he feels like he knows me more than he knew B, etc. Me and C didn't fight. We're still together but what can we do about B?


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  • C should continue avoiding B at all possible costs...he's on the right track to keep your relationship going, even as B tries to derail it...B can't be friends with C...you can have a heart-to-heart and see if you can help to interject as well or is he going to deal with it solo

    • Thanks for the advice. I totally agree, I think I might interject with him, I'll definitely talk it out with him and see what we need to do.

What Girls Said 1

  • B for bitch? lol...ignore her and both of you should stay away from her as far as possible. You don't have to do anything else, don't get into a cat fight with her. k?


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