How do I get my heart to agree with my mind to let him go??

We knew each other for 2 years but never got in a relationship because he supposedly wasn't ready. I've just recently found out that he's been sleeping with at least 4 different girls and to make things worst. one night he called me over just after one of the girls left his house from having sex. I found this out by going through his phone. I questioned him about it and he told me I'm not his girl so basically I have no right to question him. by the way he now is in a relationship with his child's mom is what he told me but he told another girl he was single. Well even after all this I still can't let him go. my mind tells me I need to but my heart just for some reason is not ready. I have no idea why. I'm trying to just focus on myself and think about how I'm too good to be with him and hopefully that will help me. he told me he loves me but I don't need to be acting like his girl. I am so hurt mainly at the fact that I was basically a trick to him. I really need help letting this go


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  • Personally, and this is just me, once someone cheats their done. I don't give second chances to people who cheat. And yea people say say "well they were drunk," blah blah blah, but theyre the ones who put themselves in that situation to do that. All this should show you you ARE better than him and deserve better. Never let someone be your priority while you continue to be their option (trust me I've learned this the hard way). Don't settle for second best when first is out there somewhere. He disrespected you as a person, don't take that. You deserve better than some guy who constantly cheats and uses you. Like the saying goes, "Once a cheater, always a cheater" and this proves it. Do you constantly want to be hurt time and time again just to be with this one dude? If so then by all means stay with him, but he's shown you how he truly feels about you by doing this over and over and over again. Trust me, you're better off without him. I know its going to hurt and it'll take some time, but once you realize that you DO have worth as a person and that theyre ARE better guys out there, it'll help ease your pain. I've been in the same situation you have, and trust me when I say this, you'll find someone who will treat you right. Never settle for anything less than you deserve, and you'll be more than just an "option" to the right guy.

    • Sorry missed the part where you said you two werent in a relationship. But they guy is just a player, let him go. find someone who actually wants YOU for YOU, not just your body.

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