The ex.. the never ending story?

i was with this guy for 3 years. he was my first boyfriend/first love. our breakup was bad. i broke up with him i started talking to our guy friend then he dated my best friend there was drama we got back together they broke up then he broke up with me. it was a mess. the last time i saw him (a year ago) he did me a favor i needed a ride somewhere and it ended on good terms i thought. then i asked him to hangout a few days later he ignored me then on his birthday i wished him a happy birthday he ignored me again. everytime i go to a store or somewhere out in public and i always see guys who look like him but i can never tell if it’s actually him cause we haven't seen eachother in so long.. (its almost like i’m seeing things). i think about him every day, i’m in love with him. i’ve dated a few guys since, none of them worked out. i’ve begun to think i’m crazy. what should i do? i really want him back but we have been broken up for 2 years now and haven’t talked in a year.. i’m at lost on what to do. i’ve tried my hardest to get over him and it’s literally not a possibility
The ex.. the never ending story?
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