Why won't she text back?

Known this girl for about a month now. See her about every day at work, and for the last two weeks we've been texting back and forth and when she's at work we've been really flirty with each other, like touchy feely flirty. Yesterday after she was off and I was still at work she started texting me and then she told me she missed me already after not seeing me for about five hours. Told her I missed her too and she said she can't believe we won't see each other for four days(due to her being off). Then today she texts me one time with like a two word answer, then won't return any more texts(the two that I sent, just asking how she was). Is she not interested now? Am I over reacting? or what


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  • Your probably over reacting there could be a bunch of reasons she didn't text back. e.g. her dog died. Or maybe she felt like she made her feelings clear to you and you didn't do anything so now she is backing off because she thinks you aren't interested. That's my take anyway

    • Thanks for the incite but I'm almost 100% positive that she knows I'm interested. But if she doesn't text me back today at all I'm going to go crazy lol.

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