Does exgirlfriend posting something obviously about me mean she wants me back?

Hi everyone. Please be nice here. Unfortunately I'm the one who got dumped so in a bummed out state. Anyways, the background: my exgirlfriend throughout our relationship constantly warned me I was too clingy, obsessive, And had a drinking problem. I admit I was clingy and obsessive. It took crashing my car, losing my job, And finally losing her to realize I had a drinking problem. I have been 100% sober since she dumped me, And even attend AA and a therapist on a weekly basis. As for the clingy/obsessive, I've messed up multiple times begging/pleading her for another chance. She either stops responding, yells at me, or blocks me for a couple days. After each episode I have, I don't contact her until she contacts me again. She honestly acts hot and cold towards me and it confuses me. Since the breakup, we have gone on what I consider dates: ice cream, mall, etc. I say dates because we held hands and even kissed in public. She even sleeps over sometimes (sex only once). But last time she was over, she told me I was rushing too fast into a relationship when she is in a state right now believing us can't happen again and I've blown my chances. I kept my cool in person, only to beg the next day (I know I know...). She didn't block me, though. Just told me to stop messaging her. That same afternoon, she posted a pic on Facebook of flowers saying "I wish someone would do this for me." Background: I am the ONLY person in her life (boyfriend, family, friends) to EVER buy her flowers. She was on a trip to Denmark, And I learned Danish just to call and order the flowers at the Danish shop. Anyways, I messaged her about it saying "I can do that again if you'd let me". Her response: "I'll never let you just f*ck off with that idea." I left her alone for couple hours then basically apologized saying I need to accept the breakup happened, And need to stop trying to force what's not there. I then asked her to be there for me as I work on myself. She said she has tried but I beg.
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Does exgirlfriend posting something obviously about me mean she wants me back?
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