Seeing my ex in the same place we met?

So there is this typical beer festival in the city where I live. It happens twice a week and it's the place where I met the guy who broke my heart back in September.

There is an event organized for tomorrow to go to the festival. We have tables booked and everything is pretty organized and the festival itself is worth it. I'm going tomorrw, but I've checked the Facebook event and my ex is also coming (he event talked about it in the group chat). It's the place where we met in September and I'm scared it will bring too many memories. I also had a weird dream about tomorrow and I'm a bit nervous. I know he will be around, he usually is and sometimes actes weirdly and has even vrought his new girlfriend once.

I don't want to miss it but I need to find the way to be relaxed and enjoy it. I got myself a nice typical dress for tomorrow: I want to look good and feel good. Any clue on how to stop overthinking it?
Seeing my ex in the same place we met?
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