Is it okay to go to dinner with an ex?

Recently my ex got cheated on by his girlfriend, so he messaged me asking for help. After talking him through a bit(as I had been cheated on before) I told him that if he ever wanted to hang out to just tell me. So he instantly overs to come pick me up and take me to go get dinner, he offered to take my boyfriend as well but he couldn't go. My boyfriend said that he was uncomfortable with it, but that I could go. I'm just wondering if my ex has other intentions, or if he's sincere... Help!


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  • you just took the first step to breaking up with your boyfriend by going out with your ex...realize that...beware of falling into a potential rebounding relationship with the ex since his relationship is going south with the other girl

    • Well, I didn't go. I chose to not go when my boyfriend said that it make him uncomfortable. Honestly, it wasn't worth hurting him for. I suppose I just wanted to see if anyone thought my ex was sincere in his intentions.

What Girls Said 1

  • Your Boyfriend was testing you honey. Whenever a guy says "I don't like it but go ahead" it's because they want to see if you will really do it. Men aren't as cryptic as women are. While they don't talk as much, or in so many words, they usually say exactly what they feel when asked directly. "I don't want you going out to dinner (on a date) with another man, who might I add, you were once romantically involved with, without me, but I'm not in charge of you, and I won't stop you if you really want to go out and do something that will probably hurt me and/or upset me."

    Your EX was either trying to make himself feel better, his Girlfriend feel worse, or both. Taking you on a dinner date would certainly make her jealous.

    • Well, I suppose I passed then... I didn't go with the guy. In fact, I called it of when my boyfriend told me that he wouldnn't like it. Going somewhere with a friend, who is also an ex, and making them feel a little better for a short period of time isn't really worth hurting my boyfriend... I suppose I just wanted to know if anyone thought my friend was sincere in his intentions.

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