How do I break up with my sensitive boyfriend?

I've been with my guy for a year and a half and he still wants to spend time together all the time!! He is super nice to me, he really is. But he's just too needy for me. Honestly like he calls me and texts me all the time, he isn't controling or obsessive! I simply dont have time to cater around him, i get he has abandonment issues and he's depressed but its all too full on! I've been wanting to leave him for about 3 months now but i honestly dont want to upset him or anything because he's already had it bad enough not knowing his parents and going through abusive foster families, i know i should have thought about all this before i said yes but i did, now what? How do i break up with him and not just make his issues worse like he's never had a solid person in his life everyone has always left him and he's finally getting settled but i can't handle it anymore, any advice on what to do? I've always been the one to be broken up with I've never broken up with anyone before :( he's gonna be so heartbroken and ill join the queu of people that have abandoned him :( am i being to harsh on him? Any help at all will be appreciated...
How do I break up with my sensitive boyfriend?
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