Am I in the wrong for this breakup?

So the guy I was dating is confusing. I am a 22 year old vet tech student and he's a 35 year old guy we knew each other for a long time before talking. We met at work. So fast forward, he wanted me to move to SC with him which was too soon because it's only been like a month or so. We decided I visit him but school got in the way, I had to either pick paying for my tuition or spend the money and go see him. I obviously picked my school because it's important to me I promised my deceased father I'd finish school and I want to eagerly start my career. 2 days later he now wants to be friends not interested in dating then bring up the situation about me cancelling the trip although I didn't want to. He told me before he wasn't mad but supports my decision. He lastly says its not going to work out, he wish me the best I can call him if I want. What did I do wrong? Judging by his attitude I'm happy I didn't make the decision to move out of state with him.

*Sorry for the long story I tried to make it short.
Am I in the wrong for this breakup?
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