I want to hurt myself after he left me?

I know that going through a breakup can be hard, but he left me for another girl after we had been together for 2 years, we were through so much, and it hurts so bad. I find myself looking for harder drugs then my normal Marijuana and taking more Tylenol than I should, I realize what I'm doing but I do it anyways, I want to just see if he'd care, if he would show up at the hospital to see me, I feel so torn I feel like cutting myself, I want to be back to normal. I've gotten so many pep talks about how he's either gonna come back or to just get over it and look on the bright side. Well its been 2 months, and each day gets worse, and I still feel as hurt as I did from day 1. I can't watch someone take my baby, and when I do I feel even worse. What is wrong with me :(


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  • Nothing wrong with you, just strung out on him, its normal to feel what you are feeling...


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  • You need to stop doing this things to yourself! I know it's difficult to move on but that's what you have to do, spend a day crying over him, throw everything that reminds you of him, then the next day start a new life without him. If he wasn't the one for you it's better that you found out now that you're young than if you had married him. You need some tento recover, get busy, find a job, workout, find a hobby that'll get your mind of him and from hurting yourself.


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