Breakup dilemma: what should I do?

My boyfriend's birthday was a few months ago, I gave him tickets to a comedy show. We are going today.

However, in the meantime our relationship has gone sour and I want to break up with him. He doesn't know this yet and I know he still loves me, so it's going to hurt.

I don't want to ruin the date, so I thought about putting it off a few days. I can just say I decided it later on. But I also feel like I am betraying him every time I pretend everything's fine. I'm a terrible liar when I feel like I'm doing a bad thing*.

Should I be honest? Or should I put it off, to not ruin today?

*(I am a good liar when I believe I'm doing the right thing. For example, as a medical student, when I want to share a story about a patient I came across, I deliberately change the gender/age to protect their privacy. I can do that perfectly because I don't doubt myself.)
Breakup dilemma: what should I do?
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