Girlfriend going on a trip?

Hey guys

So basically my girlfriend of a year had this plan of a trip. She always said we would do the trip together with 2 of her friends and just spend the weekend at her loge in the mountains. Now last week she told me she's going on this trip with her 2 bestfriends and 2 guys. I was so hurt and angry cuz she didn't ask me if i wanted to come or if it was okay if she went with them. She just didn't care about me. When she came back we went to talk and then she broke up with me, her reasons were that I was way too jealous and she felt she didn't have all her freedom and that she didn't want to be in a relationship at the moment.
Was it wrong of me to be angry with her for not asking me and gettin jealous that she went there and spent the weekend with 2 guys i don't even know?
Girlfriend going on a trip?
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