Why did he break up with me?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me this Sunday. He told me everything would be the same , that we'd still talk and that he's still come and see me . Well the reason he say he broke up with me is because he misses being single , but he told me he still loved me and that their is always a place in his heart for me . Up until Sunday he stopped texting and calling me . I have his facebook password , so I logged in to see that he is having the time of his life talking to and messaging other females. He deleted all of his old messages except a letter that I wrote to him in a message telling him how much I missed him from about a month ago . Every picture with me and him together has been set to private. The day before he broke up with me he told me he loved me but the next day he just left me. We were together since April , and he was my first love . I can remember him also saying if you love someone let them go . why do you think he broke up with me why ? I am really hurt to the point to where I cry 24/7 .

He also broke my virginity . I really trusted him , now I feel so stupid .


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  • Aww, I'm sorry to hear about that, hope you're okay now

    First relationship-break-ups are always the hardest

    And wow, just read the update! Your virginity? And he said he liked being single, that jerk, he sounds like a user to me

    It just sounds like he used you to get what he wanted, then when he broke up he became single, so he could oogle and girl he wanted without consequences

    Really sorry to hear about your break up, but the cheesy and old expression "time heals all wounds" is actually pretty acurate.

    Word of advice (and I know from experience) beware of the rebound. You might be thinking, wow now that I'm single all my other male friends are so much nicer. They're trying to get you when you're most vaunerable. Probably wise to stick with female freinds for abut 3 weeks

    • Thank you for reading about my problem :))) I think you are right , && as for talking to someone else right now <--- not going to happen . Lol Thanks for the advice and making my day ! (:

    • Glad to help, and making your day made my day :)

      Hope you have a good week!

What Girls Said 1

  • I'm going to be completely honest with you, because you deserve it. This isn't what you're gonna want to hear right now, but it's important you understand.

    He left you to play in the field. He misses being "single". If he really loved you, don't you think he'd rather stay with his "love"?

    He has other options right now; he's mingling with other girls. He says he still loves you and wants to talk to keep you close enough until his other options don't work out.

    If I were you I'd tell him that you don't want to keep in contact. That'll not only give you space to move on from this jerk, but it'll also quite possibly make him realize that he's completely missing out.

    Feel better, and don't waste your tears on a person like this.

    • Thanks for reading about my problem and giving me advice ! (: You are %100 percent correct. As much as the truth hurts I'm glad to know. && as of right now he doesn't even call or text me so you're right he doesn't care. I'm not going to waste my tears crying over him at night anymore because while I'm crying he's probaly on his 4th dream . Thank you so much :)

    • I'm sorry to hear about that :(

      that boy is a jerk I'm sorry to say that but I think he doesn't really love you.

      he misses being single ..... in my view he misses chatting and flirtting with other girls

      i'm really sorry but hope your better now just forget him and move on I know its so hard but you will

    • You're welcome, darling <3 if you wanna talk more about it I'm here! Keep your head high, and show him you can have a GREAT time without him. (:

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