Is my ex hinting me something?

Long story short, he broke up with me a little more than a month ago, we were together for 3 years. Dont worry why we broke up but just the fact that he was the one that ended it. Up until now I have not initiated contact, he would send me a text here and there, my replies would be short and simple and after i reply, he would disappear and repeat, some of the things he says to me would sounds kinda flirty. Last week around night time ( I was already asleep) he called me and said " Im thinking about you, I hope you're doing better and Im sorry for everything" The whole convo was about 2 minutes. He ended the convo by saying good night and said "besito" meaning kisses in Spanish. So I dont know. Is he hinting something? WHO says KISSES to their ex? Of course I want him back but i dont really know where to go from here...


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  • Would it be okay if you told me the reason of break up so that I can help properly coz I have been in this exact same situation. But she broke up so. Message me if you want to.

    • Ill try to summarize it. We were together for 3 years & we got along very well, never fought, we would have little disagreements here & there. Basically he said he felt like we were drifting apart & that i haven't been putting enough effort into this relationship lately. I know i haven't been prioritizing the relationship because i was busy with work (i have my own business) & a class i was taking. I tried to work something out with him but he just didn't want to. Every time i try to tell him something, he would counter it with some kind of excuse. So then later on he started telling me all these things that i didn't know he had going on. He started complaining about how he is stressed out about work, money, where he is in life, his living situation, family. Never seen him this emotional before. So i thought maybe he was taking his stress out on the relationship. At first i thought maybe he left me for someone else, but if he did, why is he giving me this kind of attention? im so confused

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    • I've been trying to talk casually!

    • Continue doing that. And stop thinking about it in other way. I know it's hard but...

  • It's quite possible that he is feeling regret for breaking up with you. Don't read too much into it at this point. Still too early to tell. Just wait and see where this goes.


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