Should I try adding her or just stay away now?

Long story short, I really liked this girl, 'Amy', when I was a freshman in highschool, and I was still super dumb and my parents were super strict. I didn't have a phone, I could only hang out with my two friends.
So anyway I thought asking someone out was a way of saying you like someone, and I didn't know it actually meant dating someone. So I asked her out and I just started confusing her because I never texted her.
I'm sure that caused her not to trust me, and her best friend had some sort of grudge against me, and she told Amy some rumors about me, and since I couldn't prove they were false, Amy stopped talking to me.
Through the next 3 years she would stalk me around the school and even at times follow me to school events and would hang around my work, literally watching or waiting for me to help her. I constantly tried to make amends and set things right but she always insisted she didn't like me, and I was crazy to think she was following me.
Anyway, we graduated in 2014 and I've only see her a handful of times since. I also found out the reason she never gave me another chance was beishe thought I was lying and she couldn't trust me.
Before I deleted my last Instagram, I sent her a message explaining the rumors and apologizing for my actions in highschool. I didn't leave any contact information, and I intended that to be the end. But this was about a year ago.

Last night, I had the really strange dream about Amy, and I've been trying to save my relationship with the girl I dated since senior year of high school. But it was Amy and I meeting and resolving our differences and getting together again.

Would adding her on Instagram with my new account potentially start things up? Or something? Is there something I could do?
Should I try adding her or just stay away now?
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