Apology or not really?

So my ex sent me this long text saying he wanted to meet up to apologize for everything i went through because of him.
We met up but he never said the words “I’m sorry.” The whole time i could tell he was nervous and it was tough for him to talk about what all happened and i mostly just sat there telling him all the things that he fucked up on... he showed actual remorse but i kind of mentioned how i came to talk to him to give him a chance apologize in person and he said “are you trying to say i didn’t apologize or something... if it wasn’t implied that i was..” but i cut him off cause I’m not gonna sit here telling someone to say the words “I’m sorry.”
is it bad that even though he showed remorse and i could tell he was sorry and regrets not communicating and sort of ghosting me, I still want to hear “i am sorry?”

I know he wants to see me again, as we did not complete this conversation but i don’t know...

Would you personally accept an apology where they really just say “I know what i did was wrong” but not the word sorry?
Apology or not really?
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